RichwoodKW Cabinetry is manufactured by skilled local craftsmen with decades of expertise in the woodworking and cabinetry industry,  our emphasis is always on Quality and fine craftsmanship, delivering exceptional results that will have you wanting to spend time in the busiest room in the house! 
 Epoxy resin kitchen island cabinets
RichwoodKW is uniquely positioned to offer premium quality custom Cabinetry and unique, solid wood and epoxy addition's to any kitchen to truly set our cabinetry above the rest.
exceptionally affordable prices with solutions for basic value oriented projects all the way too lavish showcase kitchen projects incorporating hand crafted one of a kind addition's and detailing.
All of our building materials, doors, drawers and hardware are sourced from high quality suppliers in the southern Ontario area.
We offer personalized one on one service from design through the entire manufacturing process so you know your design ideas and vision will be achieved!
We offer prompt installation and servicing to minimize disruption to the busiest area in the house, our skilled & experienced Install team will get most kitchens completely installed and ready to use in 1 - 2 days!
If you have a project that you think RichwoodKW can help you achieve please don't hesitate to contact us! we are always happy to give additional information and provide custom quotes!